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Does our library have free access to articles in Google scholar?

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2012  |  3 Views
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It depends on the source of the article.  Google Scholar, like regular Google, is a search engine, and not a producer of content.  So it searches scholarly articles and displays the results.  Whether or not we have access to the article is dependent on which publication it's from and what year.  

If you find an article in Google Scholar, you can do two things - if there's a link on the right hand side, we may have the content.  If you click and it takes you to the article - great!  If you click on the link and it takes you to an abstract (but no full-text), or if there is no link, you can then check to see if we have access to that content by using Article Linker (Neumann --> Academics --> Library --> Databases and Journals --> Link is in top right corner) (URL:  There, if you have the journal name, you can search by that journal and see if we have access to it.  If we do, great - you can go to that journal and search for the specific article.  If not, you can fill out an ILL request for the material:  

Because our databases are so rich, we recommend using them before using Google Scholar. 

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