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I am confused about how to cite a web page.

I want to cite This is a generic brief history of the Call to Action catholic group. Can you tell me how that citation should look in APA format? Thank you.
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It seems like what you are trying to cite is an example of a web page without an author or a date.  Here is an example of a similar site in APA format:

Feminism and utopia bibliography: Non-fiction. (n.d.). Retrieved October 1, 2003, from
In this example, The title of the page starts off the citation as there are no authors named and the n.d. stands for no date as there is not a publication date posted.  Substitute the info for the page that you want to cite and viola! (NOTE that the url is NOT a hyperlink!!  Word will want to make it one automatically, so right click on it to deactivate the link and resulting underline).
This same example would look like this when cited parenthetically:
(Feminism and Utopia Bibliography, n.d.) 
It is acceptable to leave off the information following the colon.  For additional citation help, please see the Citations & Bibliographies tab of the Library web site which I will attach a link to here.  Good luck!
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