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I have to review a research article that uses a theoretical model and discuss how this model supports or does not support the findings of the study.

How can I focus my database search to include nursing research articles that include a theoretical model? I have been unsuccessful finding any article that lists a model Thank you for your help!
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Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for contacting us. Since what you are looking for, articles that use a theoretical model, is very specific, I would recommend actually adding "theoretical model" as a search term. Hopefully you have been looking in CINAHL and OVID. Searching these databases, put in your topic as well as the term "theoretical model". I tried this is CINAHL with a topic of diabetes and there were a number of results. Hopefully this can help narrow your search down. If you have already tried this with no success, or if you try it and still need more help, I would try contacting us by phone, 610-558-5545, or in person. It may be easier to talk to you about this issue.

Thank you and good luck!

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