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I am not able to access OVID from home. Can you help?

I am a nursing faculty member who cannot access OVID from home. I can get it from work.I may need password reset
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Hi, Patricia.  We are not currently aware of any other off-campus access issues, but we can walk through some troubleshooting steps to try and isolate the problem.

First, when you click on Ovid or any other database from off campus you should see a blue screen asking you to log in with your Neumann username and password.  If you do not see the blue screen, please call us at (610) 558-5545 and ask to speak to a Librarian about off-campus access.

If you do see the blue screen but it does not accept your log-in information for Ovid, please try another database to see if the end results are any different.  If you gain entry to another database then the issue is with Ovid.  Please call us and we will work on the Ovid issue while assisting you with retrieving the information you need until the issue is resolved.

If nothing you try above permits you access, then it may indeed be your username and password.  If it is an issue with your actual username and password, you would need to contact the IT Help Desk for assistance with that.  Sometimes the setting can be off anf they just need to work their magic.  Their phone number is (610) 558-5620.

I hope that this helps and that we are able to reunite you with Ovid very soon!  Please call or email if there is anything else we can do to assist.


Tiffany McGregor

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